Unbleach Organic Cotton Prefold (Orange stitch)


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Unbleach Organic Cotton Prefold (Orange stitch)

Product Details :
Brand : Heiko Cloth Diaper & Services
Diapers Type : Flat, Prefolds
Sizing : Orange Stitch – Size : L (2x4x2 layers) 40cmx30cm
Made in : China
Primary material : Cotton
Drying Time : Good
Absorbency : Excellent
Ease to use : Good
Certificate :  SGS, GOTS 5.0, OCS 2.0

Product Info :
Heiko Unbleached Cotton prefolds are made from 100% unbleached cotton. The prefolds are the most economical option as a baby diaper, and, if it is not used, the prefolds can be used as an insert/doubler or for other purposes. It is highly recommended especially for newborns who change diapers often.

What is it made from?
Heiko Unbleached Cotton prefolds are made from 100% unbleached cotton. They feature 4 absorbent layers on the outer two panels, and 6 in the central panel for BLUE stitch. 2 absorbent layers on the outer two panels, and 5 in the central panel for ORANGE stitch.

What else will I need?
You will need to team these with a waterproof cover diaper. We recommend using a fleece liner to create a stay-dry layer next to the bum, and for added overnight protection, include a booster or bamboo/hemp inserts. You will need a waterproof cover to go over these fitted cloth diapers.

How do I use it?
Prefolds are typically used folded into a pad, however, with smaller babies you can use these in a variety of folds, much like terries.

For more information on fitting cloth diapers, check this video from our YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB6hDba7TNA&t=49s

Product Size and Care Guide:
One size diapers fits babies from 3.5-17 kg ( 3-30 months old) from newborn to potty training.
Length x Width : Size L (2x4x2 layers) 40cmx30cm

For maximum absorption and to remove the chemical during production phase, washing and dry minimum one time are required.
Wash at 40-60ºC and line dry or can be tumble-dried on low. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Please expect to shrink 3-5cm after washing.


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