Cloth Wipes – 1 Set 4 Pcs


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Cloth Wipes – 1 Set 4 Pcs

Product Details :
Brand : Heiko Cloth Diapers & Services
Made in : China
Sizing : One Size 23×23 cm ( 4 pcs / 1 Set)
Main Material : Bamboo Terry
Type : Cloth Wipes

Product Info :
Natural and soft bamboo cotton terry, very comfortable and friendly to baby’s skin!

Why should I switch?
They are perfect for helping you to reduce your waste and save some pennies along the way too! Washable Wipes are great for faces, bums and hands. They equally can be used to wipe down items in your home like tables, walls etc. when cleaning. They also are amazing for removing makeup too as they are nice and soft for your skin.

What are they made from?
These wipes are made from 100% bamboo terry, making them kind on little one’s bum and kind to the planet!

Product Size and Care Guide:
Length x Width : 23 x 23 cm

Care Guide:
Wash at 40° tumble dry on cool.

This is a pack with 4 wipes and each wipe measures 23cm x 23cm.

Color Available: Pink & White


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